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Here’s Why Marketers Trust 10XHostings

Dennis de Graaf - Industry's Top Security Expert
Amazing stability and uptime, I have been recommending it to my clients and visitors they are very satisfied. Customer service is great, kudos to the team.
Jitendra Vaswani - Blogger/Consultant
Misan Morrison Top IM Marketer
I have hosted my own product launches on these guys hosting having over 50-70K traffic in just 7 days and this speed is really impressive. Everything is superfast.


For Home Businesses and Solopreneurs
$ 5 paid monthly


With Commercial License – Host Your Client's Websites From Your Dashboard & Charge Them One Time High Price or Monthly Recurring Fee.
$ 47 One Time Price For 10years


For Marketing Teams and Agencies
$ 29 paid annually

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen after ten years?

After ten years, you will need to renew your servers for a very low and reasonable annual fee that will still be ten times cheaper than a competitor of that time.

How can you afford and still be in profit for such a low price?

Simply because we literally own the hardware and machines that we have been using for multiple ongoing businesses and we know the math of hosting industry.

Why should I trust you for the next ten years?

You may have all the reasons not to trust because the deal is too good to be true, right! However, do you pay the same amount to your existing hosting provider that you were three years? Why not to secure a deal where you don’t need to worry about paying more and more. It’s highly illogical and unprofessional if someone has a large pool of users from one of the most lucrative hosting niche and reliable setup and just leave it.

Where are your data centers located?

We have multiple servers across the globe, mostly in the United States, UK, Germany, Singapore, and more such countries.

Do I ever have to pay for SSL Certificate and CPanel?

No, you have secured SSL and access to cPanel for the next ten years. As soon as you host your website inside your 10xHostings dashboard, it’s domain is secured with SSL without paying any recurring fee.

Can 10xHostings Hosting handle every site?

10xHostings is not for customers that should be on a VPS or a dedicated server. Let’s be honest – you know who you are. You have 20+ wordpress websites with intensive plugins and scheduled jobs every 2 minutes, or are constantly scraping hundreds of websites. Our service is for customers that won’t abuse the shared resources. Please do yourself a favor and go purchase a VPS. We use CloudLinux to partition our shared accounts to prevent this abuse from slowing down our servers.

Do you allow Online Storage of non-hosting files?

10xHostings is not for customers looking for an online storage repository. Our hosting servers are meant for hosting. Please don’t backup your home files, other websites, or multiple copies of your website and database on our servers. This impacts everyone on the server. We don’t allow it to ensure the best hosting experience for all of our customers instead of a few resource abusers.

This sounds too good to be true. Is it?

The number one concern our potential customers have is “maybe it’s too good to be true”. It’s not. Having served over 5,000 clients, we know the lifetime cost of a hosting customer. On average, we know how much storage they use, how much bandwidth they use, how much technical support they require and how long they will remain customers. We know how much it costs us to provide an excellent service with excellent support to these customers and we make a fair profit to ensure we can continue offering this service.